What is Slow Roll?

Slow Roll is a weekly Monday night group bicycle ride. Started by Detroit Bike City Co-Founders Jason Hall and Mike MacKool back in 2010. Slow Roll has grown into Michigan's largest weekly bike ride and has expanded to 8 cities so far. Slow Roll is for everyone, all ages and types of bikes, with a slow pace thats geared to keep everyone together and safe. A welcoming group of Detroiters provide for lots of positive energy and an amazing community.

Showing off our great city to residents and visitors alike, Slow Roll explores neighborhoods, art projects, community gardens, beautiful architecture, historic locations, new projects, and uniquely amazing Detroit spots. Starting points change weekly to showcase the great restaurants and bars that Detroit has to offer, check out the Schedule Here to keep up with Slow Roll and other events by Detroit Bike City.

We ride by a Code of Conduct, a way to stay organized and safe. Please read it over and understand our basic rules of kindness and preparedness, then join us for a ride sometime! 

Detroit Bike City

Detroit Bike City is dedicated to the growing bicycle culture in Detroit, for it benefits a cities health, environment, economy and community. Through annual, weekly and other events throughout the year, DBC has continually brought people together to ride bikes and build a strong community of caring riders. The annual Detroit Bike City Expo at Cobo Center launched in 2012 and now hosts 120+ vendors, seminars, BMX show, swap area and even an Ask Dr. Nandi live tv set in 2014. North American Bicycle Week kicked off in 2014 after just 2 years of the annual single day Expo, and is now a 5 day city wide Bicycle Festival that drew 5,000 in its first year.

Slow Roll has grown to be the worlds largest weekly bike ride, gaining up to 4,500 people in its 2014 season. With international attention and Slow Rolls all inviting platform, its no surprise that other cities want to do similar rides for their communities. Now in 13+ cities globally, Slow Rolls home grown Detroit movement is growing in masses.

The Slow Roll rides between 9-14 miles which takes about 2 hours, sometimes more depending on the size of the group and the distance we ride.

Rain or Shine we meet up, at the time of departure at 7pm we will make any final decisions that need to be made. Most of the time we miss the rain, but if its really bad or unsafe we will not ride and just hangout and party.