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    How long is a Slow Roll? 
    We usually ride at a 9-12 mph pace for an hour to an hour and a half.

    What do I need to do to bring?
    Just a working bike and a good attitude, although it is best to come prepared with an extra tube, lights and water.

    Are helmets required?
    No, but they are encouraged, it's just the safest way to ride a bike which is why Squad wear them.

    Do I have to obtain a membership?
    Yes, to be an official participant of Slow Roll you must register as a member. You may register via our web site with any phone, computer, laptop, etc.  You may also register in person at any Slow Roll but only if you like to wait in line.  If financial or other factors mean you need or want a free membership it’s yours – courtesy of our patrons and sponsors who want to keep Slow Roll available to everyone.

    When is the next Slow Roll?

    Check our homepage for the next ride and the schedule of rides will have all rides still to come.  

    What time does Slow Roll start?
    For the rest of the 2016 season, Monday rides start at 6:30 PM with registration open from 5:30-6:15 PM.  Check the schedule for changes.  Registered members receive weekly emails with details about the week's ride.

    Where do I park?
    A lot of people drive in for Slow Roll, so get there early.  We try to make sure there are nearby parking options, which is pretty much anywhere in Detroit.  We have an abundance of parking lots for you to choose from.  BE SMART, THIS IS A CITY, DO NOT LEAVE VALUABLES IN YOUR CAR.  (A lot of people like to park at the Motor City or MGM Casino and ride to our starting point.  This is great idea from any major lot, but if you plan to hang out after, be sure to ask what time the lot closes.)  When parking in the street, feed meter, the tickets are expensive.  You may want to download the Park Detroit app from as it lets you know how long your space is paid for, reminds you to add more time, etc.

    How long is the Slow Roll season?
    Our 2016 season begins April 25th and we ride through October 22nd.  We will have other events in the off season as well.