RESPECT for the community and SAFETY are paramount. If we cannot be respectful and safe, we can't Slow Roll, simple as that. These basic rules will accomplish our goals and maintain a positive impression of not only Slow Roll, but of cycling as a whole. Make sure you're following the Code of Conduct at all times and helping to educate new riders. You'll have the full support of the SQUAD behind you, but it's up to each of us to be responsible for ourselves and each other. 



    Our SQUAD is what makes Slow Roll work, they are the volunteers in yellow shirts that keep you safe and on the road. They make and test the routes, fix your flats, lead the ride, direct traffic and keep everyone safe. LISTEN to the SQUAD at all times; do as they say and encourage other riders to do the same. While we appreciate riders taking on the responsibility of promoting our Code of Conduct, we ask that you allow SQUAD to handle all traffic situations. Do not attempt to cork or block traffic, our SQUAD is trained to know when to stop the ride and when to stop vehicle traffic for the ride. Their efforts are coordinated over miles of riders, so always follow directions from any SQUAD member and THANK them for their service!  If you would like us to consider you as a member of SQUAD please fill out this online form.


    Come Prepared // Make sure your bike is in good working order BEFORE coming to the meeting location. Bring plenty of water, a spare tube for flats, your helmet and a light kit. The SQUAD is there if you need them, but you should come as prepared as possible.

    Stay Right // Always stay on the right side of the road, using no more than two lanes, and NEVER cross the yellow line into oncoming traffic, even if there are no cars. Let's show the community that we can share the roads safely and respectfully. 

    Communicate // Use hand and verbal signals to communicate with other riders. Shout out turns, stops, passing, debris or obstructions, and anything else that will keep the group safe. 

    Stay Alert & Be Aware // It's important to pay attention to what's going on around you. You're surrounded by thousands of bikers and hundreds of motorists at any given time, over a changing terrain. Make sure you're conscious of everyone and everything around you to keep yourself and others safe.

    Share the Road //  If we want motorists to respect us, we must lead by example by respecting them as well.  Before and after the ride, be sure to keep the road clear. Always leave a lane open while riding and when you hear "car back" be sure to move as far to the right as possible to allow traffic to pass safely. When coming to a stop, do not ride past those stopping in front of you – stay in line.

    Stick Together // If you see a gap forming, ride a little faster to keep the group together. Wide gaps in the ride may leave room for cars to break the pack, a potentially dangerous situation. 

    Roll Slow // We call it Slow Roll for a reason! Stay behind the leader at all times. Do not weave in and out of other riders or speed past each other. If you want to ride fast, join SQUAD and try to keep up.

    Don't Be Sweet // Please don't do tricks in the crowd, pop wheelies, jump curbs or try to show off. We don't care how good you are, in a large group accidents can and will happen. BMX riders are more than welcome, but should stay on the sidewalks and away from the crowd while doing tricks. 


    Don’t Litter // Littering is not acceptable. Come prepared with an old grocery bag for your trash or be sure to find public receptacles along the way. Show respect for our city – let's make it better, not worse.

    Encourage Positivity //  Our goal is to bring people together. Biking is nearly as universal as smiling, offering a great way to bring our city together. We're here to do something good – negative or aggressive behavior will not be tolerated.

    Play Music Respectfully // Keep your music at a reasonable volume to be sure that communication between riders can be maintained. We do not promote censorship, but having respect for those around you is important. Please refrain from playing explicit music. Slow Roll is like a family, one that includes people of all ages and from all walks of life.  

    Make Friends & Have Fun // Meet people and get involved, Slow Roll strengthens our community by bringing people together.